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Vera Polozkova & Alexander Manotskov
New date
data i czas: niedziela, 31 marca 2024, 19:00
miejsce: Progresja – Main Stage
adres: Progresja (Fort Wola 22, 01-258 Warszawa)
cena: 131-305 PLN *końcowa cena może zawierać opłatę serwisową
organizator: Someagency
18:00 - wejście
19:00 - start

Vera Polozkova ft. Alexander Manotskov. „Hand Luggage”. Poetry & Songs.

“Hand Luggage” is a dialogue between two authors – composer and poet. It’s a mix of their personal archives, the stories they eyewitnesses. It’s a blend of their confessions about life before the war. Yes, it’s about what we actually took with us when we left.

Vera Polozkova: “We sing and read about what one feels when the world is cracking right under feet. It’s about war, loss and gratitude, hope and despair. It’s about memory. It’s about what remains yours when everything is gone. It’s about what cannot be taken away from you as long as you are alive.