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by Pandav with Sabin Rai & The Pharoah
data i czas: piątek, 03 maja 2024, 20:30
miejsce: Progresja – Main Stage
adres: Progresja (Fort Wola 22, 01-258 Warszawa)
cena: 150-180
organizator: Pandav Events
20:30 - wejście
21:30 - start

MELLOW-FEST By PANDAV is one of the biggest Nepali Musical Night ever organized in Poland. In this Musical night, our guests will be witnessing various magical performances which will take our guests to roller coaster of various musical genre. Starting from Folk Rock, Indie Rock to Soft, Mellow Rock and then Hard Rock, Alternatives and Progressive Music. Based on Nepalese Language, this grand event is expecting to explore and enhance the Nepalese musical culture In Poland in different dimension. Our guests will get to know about Nepalese Music, food, lifestyles and Nepalese-Polish Cultural Blending. And on the Top of that our Show is going to be Starred by The one and only Legendary SABIN RAI AND THE PHARAOH, which will be accompanied by the Polish group of Artists HAPPY VILLAGE ORCHESTRA and followed by our fellow Band BIMAAN.

SABIN RAI AND THE PHARAOH are one of the most iconic band of Nepal which has been able to be Favorite to every Nepalese. Laced with numerous awards and recognitions, This band has established itself as one of the most celebrated band of Nepal. Sabin Rai, the man himself on Lead Vocals is together with Binod Lama Tamang on Drum Thrones, John Shrestha on Lead Guitar, Jeevan Lama on Bass, Stephen Tamang on Sound and Subash Gurung on Live Visuals, This team has created lots of evergreen melodies and best Nepali love songs, with which people just cannot get enough of . Now they are hitting Road towards Europe for PEACE AND UNITY tour and will be having 12 concerts across EUROPE.
Youtube link:

HAPPY VILLAGE ORCHESTRA is a group of traveling musicians and a band combining traditional folk from many regions of the world with funk spirit and African desert blues. They perform primarily for a specific type of audience, focusing on those who come from underprivileged regions, those who are excluded from the outside world due to geographical location, armed conflicts, poverty or natural disasters. Their goal is to reach these people, bringing music and entertainment in their everyday struggles. They believe that such activities attract political, social and media attention to such regions.

Thier love for Nepalese People, Nepalese culture and most importantly Nepali music is growing every day. Travelling through the hills and terrains of nepal drenching with folk melodies from Nepali caves and corners, Happy Village Orchestra is well inspired Group of musicians who Performs for the mankind and welfare of people in need.
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BIMAAN is our fellow Band which is being emerged in the scene despite of the difficulties and challenges it has to face being a diaspora . Four friends have finally created a strong team who are going to release their debut album very soon and are about to tour across Europe. Heavily inspired from Hard Rock and Grunge, They have been experimenting their own taste of melodies in the small and big concerts in Warsaw from few years and now are ready for Studio Records.