Zgodnie z wydaną 28.03.2020 specustawą bileterie mają wydłużony czas na zwrot należności za bilety na koncerty, które zostały odwołane lub przeniesione z powodu epidemii koronawirusa. Zwrot może odbyć się w dwojaki sposób: pieniądze mogą być zwrócone na voucher organizatora lub na wyraźną prośbę klienta na konto, z którego zostały pobrane. Jeśli bilet był kupiony przez stronę Progresji prosimy o informację dotyczącą chęci otrzymania zwrotu pieniężnego w ciągu 60 dni od pierwotnej daty koncertu.

Rules of participation

in concerts and other events organized at the Progresja Music Club and the cultural center operating at the Progresja Music Club, as well as in other concerts and events co-organized by Progresja Music Zone sp. z o.o. in Warsaw, not having the nature of a mass event within the meaning of the relevant provisions

  1. The regulations apply to all events (hereinafter referred to as “the Event”) organized at the PROGRESJA Music Club and as part of the cultural center operating at the Progresja Music Club at 22 Fort Wola in Warsaw (hereinafter: “the Club”), as well as other concerts and events co-organized by Progresja Music Zone sp. z o. o. in Warsaw, not having the nature of a mass event within the meaning of the relevant provisions.
  2. Each participant of the Event is required to read these Regulations and information about the Event available on the websites at the following addresses: www.progresja.com and www.gramydowoli.pl. By purchasing a ticket for The Event, you accept these Regulations. Persons entitled to participate in The Event free of charge (media passes, invitations, contests, non-ticketed events, etc.) are obliged to comply with the provisions of these Regulations to the same extent as the participants of the Event who purchased the admission ticket.
  3. The Regulations are available on the websites: www.progresja.com and www.gramydowoli.pl, at the entrance to the Event area and on the ticket sales company’s website (if the tickets were purchased online).
  4. Entry to the Events is allowed for people over 12 years of age, except for Events specifically dedicated to children and adolescents up to 12 years of age, and events where the promoter explicitly allows the participation of people under 12 years of age. Persons from 12 to 16 years of age may enter the Club accompanied by an adult, and minors over 16 years of age with the written consent of their legal guardian. The promoter informs that it does not collect and process personal data contained in the written consents referred to above.
  5. Participants have the right to enter and stay on the premises of the Event at times and places specified by the Event Promoter.
  6. Before entering the premises of the Event, each participant of a ticketed Event should present a valid admission ticket or other document authorizing entry in the form specified by the Promoter. The Promoter has the right to refuse admission to the Event to persons without a valid and legible (also by scanning devices) ticket or other document authorizing the participation in the Event.
  7. Each participant of the Event may be requested to present an identity document.
  8. The purchased ticket should be treated as an individual consent given by the Promoter to its holder to the participation in the Event, which may be withdrawn at any time for reasons related to safety and order maintenance.
  9. The ticket entitles you to enter the Event once. Leaving the Event area (crossing the ticket scanning line) is treated as a voluntary resignation from further participation in the Event, unless the Promoter or security services allow the possibility of leaving the Event area during the Event.
  10. Each of the participants of the Event may be subject to security check. Refusal to submit to a security check results in a voluntary resignation from participation in the Event and the necessity to leave the Event area without the right to apply for a ticket refund.
  11. It is forbidden to bring the following items to the area of the Events:
    1. weapons of all kinds (including melee weapons, knives, daggers, brass knuckles, etc.),
    2. any sharp objects such as knives, razors, razor blades or umbrellas with a spike,
    3. explosives, pyrotechnics and flammable materials (this also applies to flags and banners made of materials that do not have the appropriate flame-retardant certificate),
    4. narcotics and psychotropic drugs and substances,
    5. chains, ropes, strings, etc., longer than 20 centimeters,
    6. radioactive, corrosive, irritating, chemical or biological substances (including pepper gas, etc.),
    7. shoes with metal endings, belts and decorations with protruding studs,
    8. laser pointers,
    9. sticks, flag poles, selfie sticks, etc.,
    10. heavy and hard objects that can be used as projectiles (e.g. cosmetics in glass or metal packaging, empty bottles, etc.),
    11. cameras and audio / video recording equipment with the exception of mobile phones and compact cameras with optical zoom up to 10x (unless the Promoter of the Event grants permission for it),
    12. drinks and food.
  1. The Promoter does not deposit items that are prohibited to bring and possess during the Event.
  2. It is forbidden to bring animals to the area of the Event.
  3. It is forbidden to bring bicycles to the area of the Event and leave them on the area of the Event outside the designated places, if available.
  4. For safety reasons, it is unacceptable to stay on the area of the Event with backpacks, suitcases, bags, etc. with a format larger than A3, and other items that may affect the comfort or safety of the event participants. These items should be left in the cloakroom, if available, upon the request of the security services.
  5. In the event of finding any of the above-mentioned items or any other item the bringing of which to the area of the Event may pose a threat to security, violation of public order and / or is prohibited by law, the Promoter of the Event and security services have the right to refuse the owner of such an item entry to the Event or may request them to leave the Event. If that person fails to comply with this order, they may be removed from the area of the Event without the right to a ticket refund.
  6. The Promoter of the Event has the right to refuse entry to the Event or remove from its area people who are intoxicated, aggressive, provoking aggression, not respecting the safety rules and regulations or otherwise threatening their own safety, the safety of other participants of the Event, as well as the safety of artists, Event staff or the security of the Event. In this case, no ticket refund applies.
  7. The final decision regarding refusal to enter the Event or removal of a participant from the Event venue lies with the Promoter. In this case, the participant has the right to demand a justification for such a decision.
  8. There is a total ban on smoking in closed rooms at the Event area (also applies to the so-called electronic cigarettes).
  9. It is forbidden to destroy information boards, litter bins, benches and any other items and property, as well as to move devices and property located in the area of the Event without the consent of the Promoter or the staff.
  10. It is forbidden to raise shouts that provoke or incite to disturb the order and security, that may constitute a source of conflict, that are offensive or degrading other people because of their sex, race, religion, age, views or for any other reason.
  11. It is forbidden to block in any way the exits and escape routes, access roads for rescue services, hydrants and other devices necessary in the event of a rescue or firefighting operation.
  12. Any participant of the Event is obliged to inform the Promoter or the security service about a noticed fire, as well as threat to life, human health or property.
  13. The Promoter of the Event is not responsible for the property left unattended on the premises of the Event.
  14. Any participant of the Event is obliged to follow the recommendations of the Club’s employees, the Promoter and the security service.
  15. The Promoter of the Event, following the provisions of these Regulations, acts through the employees of the security service, which are entrusted with the duties of ensuring safety and order during the Event, and through other persons employed by the Promoter to work during the Event.
  16. In the case of a breach of the provisions of these Regulations in a manner that may endanger the safety of people and property and / or violation of the law, it is permissible to use direct coercion measures to apprehend, arrest and transfer the violating person to law enforcement authorities or remove them from the event area. Security service employees who are security guards are entitled to use measures of direct coercion on the principles set out in art. 38 of the Act of August 22, 1997 on the protection of persons and property.
  17. The Promoter of the Event is obliged to inform the relevant services about detected violations of the law.
  18. All vehicles parked on the premises of the Event before the Event and during the Event without the appropriate entry and parking pass will be towed to the parking lot at the expense of the owner of the vehicle.
  19. The Promoter is not responsible for the content and form of the artistic message presented during the Events.
  20. Any person taking part in the Event understands and accepts the fact that they may be exposed to constant noise that may damage hearing, and to strong light stimuli. People suffering from migraines and other diseases, the symptoms of which may worsen under the influence of these stimuli (e.g. epilepsy), participate in the Event at their own risk and cannot make any claims against the promoter.
  21. By taking part in the Event, the participant agrees to the recording of his image by accredited photographers or camera operators in connection with participation in a public event. The participant agrees that the Promoter may use the image recorded in connection with the implementation of the Event to the extent unlimited in time and territory, and use the participant’s image (photos, videograms, audiovisual materials, audio materials) recorded in connection with the Event. The Promoter is obliged to ensure that the use of the image will not harm the personal rights of the person / persons whose image was recorded during the Event.
  22. All comments and complaints regarding the Event should be sent in writing to the e-mail address: [email protected], or stationary: Progresja Music Zone Sp. z o.o., Fort Wola 22, 01-258 Warsaw.

Rules of participation
Załącznik do regulaminu Progresja
Information for participants of concerts as part of the festival Gramy DoWoli

Ticket selling rules

  • Ticket sale at progresja.com is operated by goout.net
  • By purchasing tickets through progresja.com, you accept terms and conditions of goout.net and regulamin Progresja club
  • In case of any doubt or problems with your purchase, please contact us: choose “tickets online” in out contact form or write directly to goout.net
  • Collector tickets are available to pick up only on the concert day once the gates are open
  • We do not send collector tickets by mail
  • Progresja does not sell discount tickets
  • We do not exchange tickets
  • You can return your ticket only in case of cancellation of the event

Collector Ticket

Collector ticket is the limited edition ticket.

From the “normal” ticket distinguishes it an attractive graphic form.

Collector tickets can be purchased only in Progresja venue and on the www.progresja.com. Collector tickets are available to pick up only on the concert day once the gates are open.

The Collector ticket is not personalized. On this ticket you can not add your photos.

Personalized Ticket

Only at Progresja’s website you can order a one of a kind ticket – especially personalized just for you!

Send us your photo, avatar or any other graphic design that you’d like to have on your ticket. After paying for your ticket, send us the photo (no later than 10 days prior to the show) along with your name and the reservation number. The ticket you’ll collect at the gate on the day of the show will have your photo on it!

All necessary materials must be sent to [email protected] and your e-mail should include: photo + name + reservation number + proof of payment.


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