Progresja Cafe czynna tylko w czasie koncertów
Bilety do nabycia stacjonarnie w biurze Progresji oraz w trakcie koncertów w barze Progresja Cafe

Knock Out Productions i Progresja Music Zone informują, że zespół Massacre rozpadł się, więc nie zobaczymy ich na trasie z Death To All.

Oto oficjalna wiadomość:
As many metal fans know, MASSACRE has broken up due to internal matters happening in the midst of our last North American tour with them in December. This sucks because it obviously means that MASSACRE will not be part of the upcoming European DEATH DTA Symbolic 20th Anniversary Tour. DTA’s European booking agency RTN and I have tried unsuccessfully to find a replacement band, even though we made offers to other cool bands – there were always scheduling conflicts or some other reason why it didn’t work out with any of the bands we approached. To give a better DTA experience to everyone coming to the European tour dates, and to offer our regrets for everyone losing a band on the package, DTA will play a longer set, adding a few more DEATH songs for additional headbanging. On top of that, all official DTA tour shirts will have a 5 euro discount for ticketholders. I promise everyone that this is the most powerful DTA lineup I’ve ever witnessed, and you will not want to miss Di Giorgio, Hoglan, Koelble and Phelps (with the able aid of Kummerer) play those DEATH Symbolic songs, as well as other DEATH classics. Take part in the collective experience and honor Chuck Schuldiner’s legacy together as one – get your ticket for the unforgettable European DEATH DTA Symbolic 20th Anniversary Tour!”