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Tickets available at the Progresja office

PROGRESJA Rules and Regulations

  1. This set of rules and regulations refers to all rooms and area where events organized by PROGRESJA take place.
  2. The Participants may enter the premises only during opening hours specified by the organizers of the event.
  3. The Participants may stay in the building untill the end of the event and then without delay leave the premises.
  4. Tickets may be requested when entering the event in PROGRESJA. Terms of sale and distribution should be found below.
  5. People who are intoxicated, under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic substranecs will not allowed to enter the Progresja premises.
  6. People who, by their conduct, pose a potential threat to public will not be allowed to enter the Progresja premises.
  7. People present at the event organized by Progresja are obliged to behave in a manner not prejudicial to other participants‘ safety, and in particular comply with the rules and regulations of the premises and events.
  8. It is forbidden to enter Progresja premises with: weapons, pyrotechnics such as firecrackers, sparklers, flares, torches, etc., glass containers, items that could endanger human life or health such as baseball bats, metal pipes, knives, and alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances, one‘s own food and drinks.
  9. Progresja reserves the right to inspect the clothes and luggage of people entering the premises, in cases specified by the law; those who refuse the inspection will not be admitted.
  10. Progresja will not hold on deposit items which are prohibited during the event.
  11. It is forbidden to destroy information tables, rubbish bins, benches and any other objects and property, as well as to arbitrarily relocate equipment and property located in the Progresja premises and stir up the fire.
  12. It is forbidden to exclaim statements provoking or inciting disruption of order and security, which may become a mainspring of conflict, insulting or humiliating other people because of their gender, race, religion, age, beliefs or any other reason.
  13. People in Progresja who disturb public order, pose a threat to other participants of the event, violate decency, bring prohibited items despite the prohibition rules, or do not abide by the rules and regulations will be removed from the event.
  14. People referred to in point 13, whose acts can be categorized as breaking the law, will suffer the consequences provided by law.
  15. Participants of events organized in Progresja have access to certain restricted areas in accordance with the rules set by the organiser.
  16. It is forbidden to terrace and obstruct exits and escape routes, access roads for emergency services, fire hydrants and other equipment needed in the event of a rescue or firefighting.
  17. Each participant of the event organized in Progresja is obliged to read the Rules and Regulations of the Event and the Premises and adhere to the provisions contained therein.
  18. The Participant of the event must inform the organizer or emergency services if they notice a fire, the threat to life, health or integrity of the property.
  19. Progresja is not responsible for property left on the premises of the event.
  20. The Participant of the event is obliged to follow the recommendations of the organizer and emergency services.
  21. The event organizer in Progresja, implementing the provisions of these Rules and Regulations, commissions security workers to represent the organizer and to execute their duties to ensure safety and order during the event.
  22. All vehicles parked at the premises prior to the event and during the mass events that do not have the right pass authorizing the entry and parking will be towed to the parking lot at the expense of the vehicle owner.
  23. It is forbidden to enter the Progresja premises with animals and bicycles.
  24. By taking part in the event organized in Progresja, the Participant agrees to have their image recorded by employees of companies accredited by the organizer of the event. The Participant allows the Producer to use their image captured in connection with the event implementation and transfers to the Producer all rights unlimited in terms of time and territory to use and dispose of the image of the Participant and their recordings (visual, audiovisual, sound) registered during the event.
  25. Logging (by means of audio and video recording, photography, etc.) of the events organized in the Progresja premises is permitted only with the consent of the event organizer.
  26. Professional recording equipment is not allowed inside Progresja. The organizer has the final word whether the equipment should be considered professional or not.
  27. These regulations may be changed before the event.

Reservation and ticket selling rules


  1. In order to book tickets, please select the event you are interested in and make a reservation using the form at the bottom of the page (a list of all events is available HERE).
  2. If the reservation form does not appear, this means either that tickets are not available yet or the club does not unable users to buy pre-sale tickets.
  3. To book tickets one should fill all the required fields in the reservation form and state the amount of reserved tickets (please provide accurate contact data – it will allow the organizer to locate the rightful owner of the purchased tickets).
  4. Once you submit your reservation at the address given in the form, you will receive a confirmation email with all the information needed to make the transfer and your reservation number.
  5. After the organizer receives the transfer, you will be sent an email with a confirmation of the transaction.
  6. You will be able to collect your tickets at the club just before the concert, once you give your name and your reservation number.
  7. In the case of payment for the reservation and not receiving the confirmation email within 2 working days, please contact us.
  8. If the ticket holder decides to pay for their reservation a day before the event, there is a risk that the transfer does not reach the organizer’s account on time. In such a case, please bring with you a printout confirming the transfer.
  9. Bookings not paid for within 4 days may be canceled at any time.

You can check the status of your reservation on website ACCOUNT, after you log in.

Contact details given by the purchaser will not be provided to third parties or external companies.
Contact details will be available to bodies established by law only in case of breach of the law by the purchaser.


  1. The organiser shall not be obliged to pay any compensation to the holder of a ticket purchased online and personally in the Progresja office, except of the amount for which the ticket for the cancelled concert/event was sold.
  2. The ticket holder is asked to remember that their ticket cannot be exchanged or refunded for any other purpose than those listed above.
  3. In the case of the ticket holder not paying for the booked tickets until the end of the day before the event, their reservation will be cancelled.
  4. The organizer reserves the right, together with all other provisions and directives that will be shown on the ticket or displayed on a board on the premises of the event, to refuse entry to the ticket holder.
  5. Making transfer and purchasing the ticket means that you accept the above rules and the directives of the club.


Collector ticket is the limited edition ticket.

From the “normal” ticket distinguishes it an attractive graphic form. Each piece also has its own unique number.

Collector tickets can be purchased only in Progresja venue and on the

The Collector ticket is not personalized. On this ticket you can not add your photos.


Only at Progresja’s website you can order a one of a kind ticket – especially personalized just for you!

Send us your photo, avatar or any other graphic design that you’d like to have on your ticket. After paying for your ticket, send us the photo (no later than 10 days prior to the show) along with your name and the reservation number. The ticket you’ll collect at the gate on the day of the show will have your photo on it!

All necessary materials must be sent to and your e-mail should include: photo + name + reservation number + proof of payment.

The rules are subject to change.


When can I pick up my ticket?

– Tickets purchased through the website are available in the club just before the concert.

Is it possible to pay for my reservation at the club on the day of the concert?

– No, tickets booked online are available in pre-sale, which means that the payment should be made as soon as possible and not later than one working day prior to the event.

Are tickets sold through the website collector’s tickets?

– Yes, but only when there is an addon in the name ‘collector‘s ticket’

Can I pay with my credit card in the club?

– Yes

Can a person under 18 years of age come to the concert?

– There is no age limit as far as entry to concerts and events taking place in the club are concerned.

I did not get confirmation of my reservation

– Please check your SPAM folder.