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Progresja – the biggest club venue in Poland!

It’s where YOUR music is!

Progresja club was founded in 2003 and from the very beginning it became one of the most important places on Poland’s music map. For the last 13 years it’s deserved to be known as the best place for rock music in Warsaw, but it’s far more than that. The club has also hosted shows by some big names of jazz and blues genres. Our facilities, professional staff and great audience are appreciated by artists from all over the world. During the first 9 years of its existence, our club was able to make its mark on the map and is highly valued by both fans and artists, not only thanks to big starts that’s played here. Our stage hosted shows by up-and-coming new bands that turned into popular international acts (Tides From Nebula, Riverside, etc.)

In 2013, the club evolved into Progresja Music Zone now Progresja – the biggest place on Poland’s club scene. Currently Progresja has three stages at the club, but also sets up bigger shows at Hala Koło (Obowoza street) and as a concert agency works with clubs in other Polish cities.

Our club hosts not only the biggest rock and metal acts, but it also became an important scene for dark wave and synthpop music in Warsaw. Apart from independent artists, we also host shows by alternative bands and – more and more frequently – mainstream artists.

We’ve made our mark in the music industry and we’ve been praised by fans, journalists and music critics.

Come in, listen, have fun!